Sunday, June 10, 2012

St. John's - riding in the fog!

Went for a short jaunt in the fog this afternoon. Once around Quidi Vidi Lake, then to Fort Amherst and up the Waterford Valley to Bowring Park. This amounted to 36.6 kilometers at an average speed of 21.4 kmh. When I got back to the Harbour I couldn't see the Hill or the South Side at all for the fog! That's just the way it is in St. John's in the summer.

Still a pleasant ride though. Oh! Except for nearly getting clipped by the proverbial White Van! I was passing by Corpus Christi on my way back, where the damn thing just waited till I was on top of it, and then decided to pull out onto Waterford Bridge road! I yelled and the driver braked and grumbled something as I went past.

Be careful out there!

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  1. Take heed white van driver, ye child of Jezebel, for next time you may yourself fall under the wheels of Jeffrey's speeding chariot!