Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Night Ride

I'm heading up to the Sunshine Camp in an hour or so to join the TriNL (Triathlon Newfoundland & Labrador)  monday evening beginners' road ride. It used to be sponsored by Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador , but this year TriNL took over for some reason. So far, it's been a good turnout - the three rides I've attended have averaged around 30 riders.  I expect tonight's return trip is going to be cold since we're getting an easterly wind at the moment.

Update: Just got back. At least 30 people showed up, and we all rode the St. John's Triathlon route. It was chilly going east on Portugal Cove Road, but warm otherwise. The shoulders of the Outer Ring road are absolutely littered with debris right now - pay close attention when you're riding it. Including the ride to and from the event, I covered just about 50 km in 2 hours.

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