Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trinity Bight

I spent the long weekend in Trinity East on the Bonavista Peninsula, but  didn't take my bike along this time around. 
I've been having trouble cinching down the strap-on rack I bought. No matter how hard I try, one of the two lower clips continues to pop out of place and threatens to send the entire mechanism flying off onto the pavement!  If anyone out there can think of a better solution, I'd love to hear it!
Looking out from Trinity East towards Trinity.
Recommendation: If you're heading off the Avalon towards Trinity area, and have a trail bike,  I highly recommend taking it with you and giving the old rail bed a try.  A few years ago you could ride from Trinity all the way to Port Rexton without ever having to get off your bike. Today however, damage from Hurricane Igor has rendered the route from Trinity to Trinity East impassable by bicycle alone.  You can still ride the trail from the Trinity East waterfall to Port Rexton though, and once you get there - it's an easy transfer to pavement for a short run to Fox Island Head, Champneys or even English Harbour.  If you're at all moved by deep blue seascapes framed in gorgeous wildflowers, I'm sure you'll find this run just as enjoyable as I do.  
Why not finish your day with a late lunch at the  Two Whales Coffee Shop in Port Rexton.  

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