Friday, September 21, 2012

Avalon Biker goes to Ontario - Part One

We've just been on vacation in Niagara Falls for three weeks. Took our bikes with us. Yes, fine weather to ride in!! Here's a particularly nice ride I did on September 21st:

Bike route 1846639 - powered by Bikemap 

This was a beautiful morning on the Niagara Escarpment, with several red-tailed hawks flying over the vinyards, deer peeking from the woods along shaded country lanes - very nice. My destination was CafĂ© Domestique in Dundas, where the owner has one of Steve Bauer's 1988 yellow jerseys on display (not to mention excellent coffee and food). Getting through Hamilton caused a few navigation problems but I arrived at the prearranged time, and Deborah drove me back to The Falls. A wonderful day! About 90 km and pretty flat. Here's me, as close to Le Maillot Jaune as I'm ever going to get! Where's the podium girls??!


  1. If I remember correctly, there was a lovely young "podium girl" chatting you up when I arrived to pick you up, and she seemed disappointed to learn that I was driving you home, you heartbreaker you!

    I guess it's true what that member of The Grateful Dead said.....bicycles really are better than guitars for getting girls!!

    Though Mademoiselle has never heard your classical guitar strumming either.


    1. Thanks for visiting, DLD. Want to be my podium girl? What I want to do is get a profile shot of you with a great big smooch, and paste it right next to me and the yellow jersey. Or you could just come upstairs and give me a big kissss!!