Thursday, July 5, 2012

Circle the City

What happened to the annual Canada Day Ride? Till now it was a regular feature on the Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador calendar, and it usually had a big turnout. We'd do a loop of the Northeast Avalon - to Pouch Cove via St. Thomas' Line and return via Marine Drive. It was the closest thing to Halifax's Joseph Howe Century Ride that St. John's ever had, and I'm not alone in thinking it a disgrace that it wasn't held this year! Oh well - on to other things.

Recommended Ride: I call this the Circle the City ride, because it`s just one big loop that skirts our fair metropolis. Tuesday evening conditions were beautiful for this. Wind was practically zero and it was warm even by the water. I managed 51 kilometres at an average speed of 25.3 kmh which for me is fast, especially when travelling alone. It`s best to leave this one till later in the evening, because it involves negotiating one of the off-ramps at the old overpass, and you don`t want to deal with it when traffic is at peak. Click here for the map. If you do it without taking a break I give you permission to finish up with a piece of fresh cake and a coffee at Gracie Joe's. Clomp your pedal cleats and keep your helmet on till the server clues in that you rode up on your bike - sometimes they give you a 10 % discount - imagine!!

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